Excuses, Guilt, Rolling in the Deep

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done some serious writing. Believe me, I’ve been amply productive in all other areas, yet I feel the guilt of being unproductive (as a writer). I’ve heard that it’s normal for writers to go through this phase, to be and feel unproductive at times. Despite the reason, this procrastination needs to end, right now.  

I was so bugged down by this idleness I sat down and made a list of my excuses. It must be the weather, lack of time, a crazy tax season, or may be a writer’s block. While I’m making a list of excuses, a new Adele fan, who sings ‘Rolling in the deep…’ in a high-pitched voice even in the middle of the night, has emerged in our household. (I think my daughter wakes up just to sing the song one more time, because the morning probably feels too far away.)

And I said to myself: Get a clue from a six-year-old. Stay focused. Stay motivated. Don’t make a list of excuses. Get up early and write, dang it.

Anyone else making a list of their excuses? Anyone else feeling almost suffocated by their own procrastination?