Finally, Some Good News

A few weeks ago, after putting off the project for months, perhaps too many months, I finally started to write my second novel. It doesn’t have a name yet (note to self: a baby doesn’t need a name to be born :) ). The first draft looks like a heap of dry sand waiting to soak in some of my sweat. It’s about one-fifth completed, which is undoubtedly a great beginning, a source of much needed new energy in this writer’s thirsty veins. That’s the ‘good news’. Now let me go back to cranking out some more pages…

Updates on  ‘The Fate of a Moth’:
After sending out some queries for my first novel (The Fate of a Moth) a few months ago, and receiving mixed results, I’ve decided to set it aside for a while. (No, it’s not being abandoned.) Based on some great feedback I received from literary agents, I am convinced that parts of the novel need revision. My synopsis and query letter can use some revision as well. Hopefully soon, I’ll complete the revision on the book, the query letter and the synopsis, so the fun can begin again.