‘Sex in the Time of Diarrhea’ and Other Summer Blues

Holy smoke! Two months have slipped by since my last post. I guess I’ll need to blame it on the sweltering summer days (more than thirty five of them with hundred plus degrees…phew!).

While I added (only) twenty pages to my second, nameless novel since my last post in this blog, I edited the first fifty pages, submitted to my fellow writers from Wichita Complete Critique Circle* in three installments and received invaluable feedback.

I also managed to read a few great books this summer, which is always a good thing. While I was (finally) reading the wonderful ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’, I realized that I was also writing about my fourteen-year-old main character discovering ‘sex in the time of diarrhea’. I assure you that it (his ‘discovery of sex during diarrhea’ and my writing of his discovery while reading Love in the Time of Cholera) was a sheer coincidence.

*My friends at Wichita Complete Critique Circle are simply awesome. I’m happy to be a part of such a wonderful bunch.