A June Bug and the First Draft

Countless clouds have flown over my head since I wrote the last blog. While I feel guilty for disappearing for three whole months, I believe I have valid excuses this time.

The first one has little to do with ‘writing’. Rather, it has everything to do with ‘not writing’. My wife and I had our son, Kovid, on the 28th of June. Our very own little June bug. How cool is that? These sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and baby talks. The joy of watching our eight-year-old girl play with her baby brother. I guess ‘writing’ will have to wait.

Also since my last post, I’ve completed the first draft of my second novel (I wish I at least had a working title). While it’s only a first draft—which will need a decent amount of rewriting and revision—it’s a milestone nonetheless. I still remember the thrill, the tingling I’d felt after writing ‘the end’. Now I need some time to rewrite/revise it.

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