Sleeping with the Monk

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Sleeping with the Monk is a moving tale of love, sacrifice, and betrayal that takes readers through a haunting passage from the flatlands of America to the majestic yet treacherous mountains of Nepal.

It is a testimony of one mother’s resolve to rescue her child from the face of danger, and a story of the world facing ruination, an evil empire committed to altering the course of the universe, and a family entangled in the mess.





The Fate of a Moth

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An unforgettable story of a young farmer’s struggle and sacrifice for his family and love during a time of turmoil, The Fate of a Moth takes the readers to a remarkable journey from a peaceful village to dark alleys of overcrowded cities, and to Maoist camps in high hills of Nepal.

The Fate of a Moth is a bittersweet tale of love, loss, betrayal, and redemption told against the backdrop of a time that changed a peaceful country and its people forever.