The Papago Park Mystery

HoleInTheRockLast December, my wife, our two children and I took a trip to Arizona. One of the most memorable places we visited, besides the Grand Canyon and Tortilla Flat, was Papago Park. According to Wikipedia, the red sandstone geological formations of Papago Park were some six to fifteen million years old. The Hole-in-the-Rock, located within Papago Park, is considered a major Arizona landmark and a great family destination.

It was a beautiful afternoon. Unfazed even by the possible presence of rattlesnakes, we walked through the cacti-filled desert garden, climbed up the red stone hills, and saw the city through the hole in the rock. We took many pictures, some in front of the hole in the rock, before heading to Tortilla Flat, a town with a population of six.

Who has time to go through the pictures when one is surrounded by natural beauty? So the pictures we took then sat quietly inside our phones and cameras. Only a few days ago, while revisiting those pictures, I noticed something I had previously failed to notice even when we were standing in front of the hole in the rock: a formation so clearly visible in the background of our picture.

Is this a natural formation or an awesome artist’s thoughtful creation? If it is an art, is it fairly new, or does it date back to the time when Hohokam tribe (now extinct) lived in this area?

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